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Useful information about medical subscriptions

The quality of Sanador Subscriber may be obtained by any person that chooses one of the subscriptions recommended Sanador, on the grounds of the signing a contract.

Based on the identification data, each subscriber shall receive a customized magnetic card that allows the access to the medical records electronically archived. This card is both an identification token, and in the same time offers protection and confidentiality, as the medical records can only be accessed by this card.

Furthermore, by issuing the card, each subscriber receives the Subscriber’s Guide, including details about card use and appointment rules or requesting Sanador Ambulance services.

Sanador also offers pediatric subscriptions, as Sanador Hospital offers all pediatric specialties and pediatric department, 24-hours. Thus, children may receive pediatric examinations and other pediatric specialties (ophthalmology, ORL, neuropsychiatry, psychology, dermato-venerology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, psychology, echography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance), laboratory tests, specific prophylaxes. Our pediatricians are the advocates of preventive medicine and, consequently, patients’ evolution is monitored by the help of proper nutrition programs, weight, size and prophylaxis, by vaccinations acknowledged in Europe and USA.

As it is our wish to nurture your health, we do our best endeavors for you to benefit of the highest standards services, by offering prevention and advice against the risks you may be exposed. Together we shall find solutions to maintain an excellent physical and psychological condition.