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Occupational medicine


Our OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE services, in accordance with the Government Decision no. 355/2007 on the supervision of workers’ health, ensure provision of:

  • Medical checkup upon employment;
  • Medical checkup for adaptation;
  • Periodic medical checkup;
  • Medical checkup upon resuming employment.

It could be also performed:

  • Working places monitoring;
  • Employees counseling regarding the adjustment of work place to physical-pathological characteristic of the employees;
  • rehabilitation, re-orientation and professional reinsertion.

For the companies that concluded services contract with Sanador for occupational medicine we offer the preparation of medical files for each employee, which are kept on long term in a well-secured electronic system.

Clinical examinations and laboratory tests performed within the periodic medical checkup or medical checkup for employment could be performed at the company’s headquarters.

Occupational medicine examinations as included in medical subscriptions may be performed together with other additional investigations.

For occupational medicine offer please contact the Sales Department, at: 021-9699, fax:


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