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Radiography represents the most used imaging investigation method, used per primam intentionem in diagnosis of inflammatory and degenerative diseases, for:

- examination of musculoskeletal apparatus, vertebral spine, and head;
- examination of lungs and heart;
- examination of gastrointestinal tract with contrast agent;
- Urography (fasting examination of urinary ducts with contrast agent);
- Hysterosalpingography.

The cutting-edge technology used by Sanador, Siemens ICONOS R200 and Philips Bucky Diagnost, allow acquisition of highest quality images, with accurate information upon the injured structures.

Siemens ICONOS R200 Radiologic system is digital, and allow a decrease of radiation dose compared to classic radiology, to shorten the working time and to obtain high accuracy images. Digitally obtained radiologic imaging can be archived, thus various images can be compared, with advantages in the evaluation of post-therapeutic answer.

Sanador Victoriei clinic, within the Dental Medicine Department, dental panoramic systems (Orthoslice OS 500) and standard systems (Kodak 2000) are available, in accordance with the standards in European Community.