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Magnetic Resonance

Sanador is provided with 2 state-of-the-art pieces of equipment: Philips Intera Enterprise and Siemens Magnetom Avanto Tclass 76X 32.

Philips Intera Enterprise system is compliant with the newest technology, having 1.5 Tesla and very powerful field gradients, with a maximum value for this intensity of field that allows to obtain the rendering of usual sequences and acquisition of new sequences much faster, offering a much accurate differential diagnostic.

The entire range of investigations in Magnetic Resonance Medical Imaging may be performed.

For its outstanding qualities, this equipment was preferred by prestigious universities in their long-term research projects.

Technical opportunities of the MRI Siemens Magnetom Avanto system:

  • 1.5 T magnet with the fastest gradients
    • Possibility to simultaneously connect many surface antennae with homogenous signal, on the maximum field of examination with applications on abdomen and pelvis, limb segments/long bones with holistic dynamic studies.
    • Antennae for joints –knees, shoulder, ankle, fist, elbow, temporomandibular joint.
    • Diffusion imaging with high-resolution scans of the whole body.
    • Full body scan for the parenchymal and soft tissues structures and/or vascular structures.
    • 32-channels body antenna offering high resolution imaging for heart liver, pelvis, hip
    • Pediatric scan protocols on age groups with high-resolution imaging and parameters customized for various brain water content according to age.
  • Virtual endoscopy program.


  • Short acquisition time due to the most powerful available gradients.
    • High-resolution images by using surface antennae for all body segments, especially articulations.
    • Allow “true” scanning of the whole body from tip to toe, which offer the possibility of a continuous movement of the examination table during scanning procedure, that proves useful especially in case of ”whole body” angiography.
    • High-resolution “whole body” angiography by administering a single dose of contrast agent
    • Allow thoracic examination with high definition images having no movement artifacts, by using sequences in apnea with simultaneous ECG monitoring.


  • Efficient morphological and functional assessment by:
  • Assessment by sequences dedicated to incipient lesions of the articular cartilage and follow-up its restoration after intra-articular administered treatment.
  • Assessment of micro-hemorrhages and the venous component of cerebral vascular malformations by SWI-susceptibility weighted imaging–offered by Siemens exclusively.
  • Assessment of cardiac morphology and function by coronography having a resolution similar to CT coronography.
  • Colon examination with emphasize on lumen and wall, by evaluating the parietal and extra-parietal extension of potential pathological process with simultaneous liver scanning for concomitant lesions.
  • Examination of urinary apparatus by MR urography that offers images similar to classic urography by administering the paramagnetic contrast agent with simultaneous evaluation of vascularization and renal function in terms of parechymatous content and discharge of the contrast agent through urinary ducts.