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Computed Tomography

Computed tomography examination is most accurately diagnostic procedure used in exploration of the abdominal, mediastinal and pulmonary conditions. It follows the other prior exploratory methods – ultrasound examination, radiography, etc. Computed tomography is frequently used in the positive diagnostic, especially during periodic follow-up of oncologic conditions (cancer) with various sites.

Within Sanador clinic two state-of-the-art items are provided:

Philips CT Brilliance 16 slices – allow the whole range of Medical Imaging investigations in Computed Tomography.

Siemens CT Somatom Definition AS 64 slices – allow the whole range of Medical Imaging investigations in Computed Tomography, including Cardio and angio CT scanning.

CardioCT scanning examinations are highly accurate, with fastest imaging acquisition and minimum radiation of patient:

- calcium score calculation: represents a unique method to detect calcium based atheroma plaques at the level of coronary arteries. This procedure is performed with no contrast agent.

- CT coronography and calcium score calculation with contrast agent: represent a non-invasive method to visualize the morphology of coronary arteries or congenital heart defects.

- CT coronography and left ventricle analysis with contrast agent.

Carotid reconstruction may be performed, that allows the diagnostic of carotid stenosis, cerebral arterial aneurysms (most frequent site being Circle of Willis) and evaluation of carotidal stents permeability.