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Blood analysis during pregnancy

The news of becoming a mother is the most wonderful in your life. To be fully prepared for this experience, Anca Stinga, MD, board certified specialist in obstetrics-gynecology, explains what type tests have to be performed in each trimester of your pregnancy.

First trimester

When the future mother find out about pregnancy, the following type of tests have be performed:


How does kinetics therapy help the patients with heart failure?

Georgiana Tache, MD, head of medical rehabilitation department at Sanador Hospital, explains how kinetics therapy may help the patients with heart failure:

Heart failure represent the imbalance occurred between the need for oxygenated blood of organs and tissues and heart efficiency in providing it, but also


Cephalgia: causes, symptoms and treatment

The headache, regardless of its causes, is called cephalgia. It represents a frequent syndrome encountered in the emergency room and, concurrently, a common symptom of admitted inpatients.

Catalina Constantin, MD, board certified in internal medicine, answers to the questions raised by patients:


How do we treat gonarthrosis, the condition immobilizing our knees?

Every day we can see around us people complaining about painful knees. These situations are so frequent that such type of pain became part of our everyday life.

However, what do these pains signal, and how serious are their effects without any adequate treatment?


Causes of fever and its remedies

Corina Cilcic, MD answers to the questions sent by mothers concerned about children’s fever episodes.

  1. 1. How do we measure body temperature?

From infancy to 3 years old, rectal temperature may be measured, subsequently axillary and ear measurements are recommended.


Children otitis: causes, prevention and treatment

Otitis is a very frequent condition among children, thus do not be afraid if your little child experienced it. For your help, Corina Cilcic, MD, consultant pediatrician medic at Sanador Hospital tells you how to prevent otitis occurrence or how otitis can be treated:

What means otitis in case of children?