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Sanador is provided with modern, up-to-date medical equipment to perform laboratory testing, allowing rapid and reliable results.

Hematology Department is equipped with COULTER LH750 LH780 Hematology Analyzer Autoloader (manufactured BECKMAN COULTER) to perform complete blood count and reticulocyte count, and OLYMPUS OPTICAL microscopes to examine the fresh and/or colored laboratory products.

To perform coagulation tests, Sanador Laboratory has: STA compact coagulometer (manufacturer DIAGNOSTICA STAGO) and ACL TOP 500 (manufacturer Instrumentation Laboratory), Caloris Trading thermostated water bath, HETTICH centrifuge.

Biochemistry Department is provided with: Architect ci8200 modular analyzer consisting in c8000 Analyzer Biochemistry and i2000 Immunoassays analyzer (manufacturer Abbott), Hitachi 917 Automatic Analyzer (manufacturer ROCHE ) for biochemistry determinations: plasma, serum, urine, LCR (cerebrospinal fluid), humoral immunology determinations, Hydrasys 2 Scan electrophoresis analyzer (manufacturer SEBIA) for proteins electrophoresis, protein electrophoresis with immune-fixation, lipoprotein electrophoresis, alkaline hemoglobin electrophoresis, MiditronJunior II (manufacturer Roche) for urine biochemistry determinations, WERNER water deionization system.

Immunoassay Department uses automatic systems such as: Architect i2000 chemiluminescence analyzer (manufacturer Abbott), Architect i1000 (manufacturer Abbott), Immulite 2000 chemiluminescence analyzer (manufacturer SIEMENS), ELISA IMMUNOMAT BASE automated analyzer (manufacturer VIRION-SERION-Germany) for determinations of endocrine, tumor, infectious, and parasitic markers. Immunoassay Department is also equipped with Karl Hecht GmbH vortex mechanical agitator, Shaker DIAGNOSTICS PASTEUR, Laboratory Thermostat.

Bacteriology – Parasitology Department owns BACTEC 9050 automatic system for blood cultures continuous observation, SQAV Gold System automated analyzer for semen analysis (manufacturer MES Israel), microscopes OLYMPUS OPTICAL to examine fresh and/or colored lab products and determinations using immunofluorescence technique, ALC International magnetic stirrer, Wissenschaftlich Technische Werkstatten pH-meter, technical balance scale, analytical balance scale, laboratory thermostat, Autoclave Steam Sterilizer (TUTTNAUER), dry heat sterilization oven, working laminar flow hood.

Molecular Biology Department is equipped with: Auto-LIPA 48 TECAN Strip Processor system, Gene Amplifier PCR Instrument System 9700, ThermoMixer TH 23 Heating Block Thermostat cu 2 heating blocks: BM02 and BM15, AURA 100vertical laminar flow hood 1st class microbiological protection, Vortex Reamix Assistant 2789/2, MICRO 120 Hettich centrifuge, UV germicide lamps; may perform viral ADN B hepatitis, viral ARN C hepatitis, HLA B27, ADN HPV genotyping.

Cytology Department has Automat THIN PREP 5000 for liquid-based cytology smears, Olympus CX 21FS 1 microscope, AFALAIR Tip 600 / B COMBI chemical protection hood.

Pathological Anatomy Department is equipped with: Olympus  CX 31 Microscope, MULTILAB Tip Vertical 700 laminar flow suction hood, ACCU-CUT SRM200 SAKURA manual Automated Microtome, SAKURA Tip SRM200 thermostated water bath, PCL-03 Labsystem Centrifuge; biopsies and immunohistochemical testing.