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In our desire to provide a full range of healthcare services, Sanador opened the first private medical hospital offering full healthcare services, including the treatment of medical emergencies.

With a total area of 18.000 sqm and a capacity of 402 beds, Sanador Hospital enjoys the newest medical technologies, the up-to-date medical equipment, experienced healthcare professionals with an extensive expertise, by offering treatments to the European standards.

Each operating room has laminar flow ceiling system, that provide an asepsis level 3 or 4 and full protection against intra-hospital infections. Sanador Hospital focuses on implementation of minimally invasive surgery techniques. For the quality of medical act, in the operating theaters we use high performance technologies, such as: High Definition Olympus laparoscopy and endoscopy towers, Zeiss surgical microscopes, Olympus and Valleylab electro-surgery, LED Draeger scialytic lamps, Draeger surgical and anesthesia pneumatic ward equipment, Aesculap surgical instruments, Siemens lithotripter, Siemens portable X-ray device with minimum radiation dose, C-arm X-ray surgical systems.