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Allergology and Clinical Immunology


Within the Allergology and Clinical Immunology Department of Sanador hospital, patients can be admitted for diagnose and treatment of various affections. The examination consists in full medical imagistic radiology ( RMN, CT, mammography, conventional radiology) , echography, and complete range of laboratory exams and interdisciplinary checks.

The operating theater is connected with the most up-to-date Intensive Care Unit in the private medical system, having 17 stations (beds with all features electrically operated) with “bridge” console panel above the bed consisting of prize de gaze intake, power supply sockets, night light, as well as supports for monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps and blood infusions pumps. Intensive Care Unit has its own air treatment plant ensuring an appropriate aseptic environment. Within this Unit there are also septic side-rooms for intensive therapy.

The operating block with 7 operating rooms is equipped with laminar flow ceiling system, that provide the asepsis level 3 or 4, which cause the risk of nosocomial infections to be insignificant. Each operating room is served by its own air treating plant.

Sanador Hospital focused on implementing minimally invasive surgical techniques.

For the quality of medical act, in the operating theaters we use high performance technologies, such as:

  • High Definition Olympus laparoscopy and endoscopy towers
  • Olympus and Valleylab electro-surgery
  • LED Draeger scialytic “no shadows” lamps
  • Draeger surgical and anesthesia pneumatic ward equipment
  • Double stations Zeiss microscopes
  • Siemens portable X-ray device
  • C-arm X-ray surgical systems
  • Live broadcast from surgical theater wherever necessary
  • Aesculap surgical instruments

Hospitalization is offered in single or double bed side rooms, at 5* standards (armchair or sofa bed, LCD TV, minibar refrigerator, lockbox, scales, hair dryer). Each side-room has bathroom. Side-rooms’ beds are permanently under 5-segments monitoring. Each bed has console panel for medical gases and power supply sockets.

Patient is provided with gowns, towels, slippers, disposable toiletry items, personal mobile phone with “call nurse” feature, by which she can call and communicate directly with the medical personnel and also with persons outside the hospital.

During hospitalization, the patient enjoys various menus customized according to the medical condition (3 meals/day and 2 snacks/day) and age (children or adults), menus which are strictly monitored by the hospital’s nutrition specialists.


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